Our #ClockIt Systems

A variety of fixed and portable biometric clocking systems that are RFID, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, WIFI Infra-red barcode, GPRS and TrueSafe fingerprint compatible. Manage your workforce efficiently by tracking employee attendance, absence, breaks, shifts, locations and much more.

FP-05 Mobile clocking device

Mobile clocking and communication device with GPS position.

NeXgen produces the smallest, most compact biometric clocking solution in the market currently. We are proud of our mobile, battery operated clocking device who could be used in the most remote place you could think of.The FP05 is a whole new generation of multi-function handheld devices. It has a 5 inch high resolution screen, using Android 6.0 embedded operating system. The FP05 supports GPS precision positioning, 13.56M / 2,4G RFID identification, WiFi enabled with Bluetooth. Infra-red barcode reader and support for 3G & 4G wireless packet transmission services, and support TrueSafe fingerprint identification.

The development of the NexGen NEX005 Fingerprint device addresses problems associated with working in the field.

– Combining biometric and GPS functionality the device enables companies to view and manage when and where employees clocked in/out.

– The online software gives the client the advantage of managing the system without the need for assistance using the default settings set-up.

– The reports, easily customised to clients’ individual requirements, are compatible with the majority of payroll systems, and data can export to Microsoft Excel.

– NexGen offers its clients 24/7 support to eliminate any downtime.

– It can be used as a communication device to make phone calls, WhatsApp, e-mail, and send drawings as attachments.

– Can create job cards to site personnel and can also let customers sign-on screen to formulate invoices immediately.

– Staying in touch with industry and technology trends, NexGen aims to grow, develop, and implement more products and services to address the ‘grey areas’ in the industry.


Hardware Configuration

• Central Processor: Quad-core processor

• Memory: DDR SDRAM 1+8GB

• Flash: NandFlash

• SD card: 32GB

• GPS: Support for A-GPS positioning speed

• RFID: Support for S50, S70 card, 2,4G

• GPRS: Sopport GPRS, 3G & 4G (optional Android 7, 2+16GB)

• Fingerprint: Semiconductor fingerprint chip

• Scan: Support 1D, 2D barcode scanning (Optional)

• Operating System: Android 6

• Application Software: Fingermap 5.0 Device SDK

• Application Software: Fingermap 5.0 PC SDK




FP05 Breathalyser

– Additional add-on to FP05
– Fit to the software of FP05
– Give an indication of alcohol and prevent clock-in to proceed

RA-05 Face Recognition

– For facial recognition, it can detect and track 5 persons simultaneously shown on the screen within distance of 4 meters and the accuracy can reach 99.99%, less than 0.7 seconds.

Unique Features

1. DIY Logo display;
2. Easy enrollment, by pic or
3. Upload users by excel file;
4. Detect moving face;
5. Verify as far as 4 meters away;
6. 5 people in 0.7 seconds;
7. Live detection;
8. Outdoors, undersunshine

Basic Features:

Model: RA05

Basic: Andriod 8.1, 2+8 GB

Function: Attendance & Access control

Software & API: Yes

Screen: 5″

Material: PVC Cover

Stranger Detection

Adjustable detecting distance

Supports LAN and Cloud

Wall mount

Three modes of identification: Face, card or face & card

RA08 Face Recognition

– Face Detection

– Support detecting and tracing 5 people at the same time

– IR Thermometer

– Wide dynamic camera


– Installation Method: Turnstile, Wall mounted, Desktop, Floor Type

FP08 Tablet

– The FP)8 is a fingerprint tabelt based on Android 9.0 version, using capacitive fingerprint sensor

– It also supports NFC cards

– It is suitable for school, bank, government, hospital or any registration and management industryFace Detection

MC03 Automatic Sanitiser Machine

– Temperature Reader

– Automatic Sanitiser Machine

– Measuring distance 5-10cm

HF 4000 Plus

– FBI Certificated Bluetooth fingerprint scanner

HF 7000

– FBI Certificated Bluetooth fingerprint scanner

– NFC Card compatible

A5 Fixed Unit

– FBI Certificated Bluetooth fingerprint scanner

– Wall mounted

– Back- battery

– NFC Card available 

– SD Card: Support 32GB

– GPS: Support for A-GPS

– RFID: Support for S50, S70 card, 2.4G

– GPRS: Support GPRS, 3G,4G, WiFi

– Lockable panel optional