Welcome to the NexGen of time and tracking innovation at the touch of a button.

We are the future to success!

At NexGen we value time and money as much as you do, that’s why we are the market leaders in high tech biometric clocking hardware, cloud-based software and state-of-the-art GPS precision and tracking. 

We #ClockIt #FaceIt, #TouchIt #CloudIt, #AppIt #ChargeIt and #JumpIt with our innovative multi-functional devices! We specialise in a whole new generation of Artificial Intelligent devices that are so reliable you can set your watch by it.

Our devices support GPS precision positioning, 13.56M / 2,4G Radio Frequency Identification, WiFi-enabled with Bluetooth, Infra-red barcode reader and support for 3G & 4G wireless packet transmission services. This state of the art technology also includes TrueSafe fingerprint identification and face recognition software.

Nexgen installs fixed units for turnstiles as well as Bluetooth units that will connect to your personal phone for more convenient and affordable solutions.

Why should your company become part of the #NexGen of time, attendance and location tracking?

Most of the companies that we consulted with has the following problems with employees in common:

  • Being late for work by an average of 8 minutes
  • Leaving early by an average of 5 minutes
  • Extending lunch by 10 minutes
  • Working unauthorised overtime
  • 30% of employees absent from work
  • Tracking the precise location of employees when clocking in
  • Tracking job cards
  • Tracking employee responsibilities
  • Clients signing off on jobs done and invoices

This is just to name a few. At NexGen, we value time and money as much as you do, that’s why we are the market leaders in high-tech biometric clocking hardware, cloud-based software and state-of-the-art GPS precision and tracking.


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Why NexGen is the future to your company's success:

User-friendly: Automate your workforce with our effortlessly simple software. Our devices can accommodate organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Our high-tech multi-functional devices are proudly developed and manufactured in SA.

Time-saving: Better operational control over the time-management of employees. Our devices ensure that you know where your employees are at specific times.

Payroll compatibility: Reducing labour and administrative costs transforming productivity and profitability by aligning your clocking systems with your payroll system.

Effortless HR management: With a touch of a button, you can automatically generate job cards, clock-in reports, weekly summaries and payroll costs when linking employee profiles and timesheets to our #ClockIt systems. Discover a whole new world of immediate invoices, scaling reports, map reports and attendance summaries. 

Eliminate fake clocking: By implementing the fingerprint and face recognition technology, you ensure safe and positive identification of your employees whilst, eliminating buddy clocking.

Effortless planning: Manage absence more effectively and plan ahead with minimal impact on time and productivity.

Cloud-based systems: By implementing our #ClockIt systems, data and reports will be easy to access at any moment no matter where you are.

24/7 Support: We offer 24/7 support at any downtime.

Improved security: NexGen solutions replace conventional keys and passwords with Fingerprints, Face Recognition and RF Cards, for improved convenience and security measures.

Overcoming the grey areas: With our innovative AI solutions, we identify problems within the time and tracking sphere and customise our systems according to our client’s needs.

Effortless communication: Our mobile devices serve as a powerful communication tool for all phone calls, messages, email and app-related needs via Android devices.

Now, you can save time and money on what matters most by leaving your all-in-one fingerprint, face recognition and GPS tracking clocking system to us!


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